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Matthew Nguyen

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I have strong understanding and experience within the following topics:

C#, .Net Framework, SQL Server, Web development, Middle tier development, Web service development/SOA, SQL Server, High transaction processes, SSIS, Server platforms, hardware infrastructure, Agile/SCRUM, artificial intelligence, machine learning, conversational bots, and Management experience. Nowaday, having knowledge of the tools' capabilities and how to use it is not enough, it's the ability to solve business problems and know when to use technology and when to use common sense is where I excel. A balance of knowing when to deploy certain technologies according to the business, environment, and needs of project are essential for success of any project.




July 2017 - PresentBrandify

Technical Lead \ Architect

Developed cognitive applications utilizing machine learning platform such as MS Azure Machine Learning Studio and IBM Watson. Built functional prototypes to demonstrate to executive management and customers of a project's feasibility using Node JS, Visual Studio Code. Design conversational chat bots that offers deals and bargains on Google Home and Google Assistant. Designed and developed back end integration with machine learning platforms and conversational chat bots using .Net/C#, SQL Server, NodeJS, and Angular 2. Developed functional social media monitoring tool prototype using Angular 2, HTML/Bootstrap, and IBM Watson that reads and analyze use reviews. Developed conversation bots for Google Home, Facebook, Amazon Echo(Alexa), and text messaging.

January 2016 - June 2017Kraferd

Technical Lead \ Senior Software Engineer

Organize individual development and design team members into a SCRUM team. Establish development procedures for coding, builds, testing, and deployment. Training junior software engineer on new technologies and implementations. Wrote extensive documentations and setup a pattern of documentation practices for team to follow and extend. Setup TFS build on MS cloud for all. Net projects. Setup TeamCity build server for builds and deployment. Manage SQL servers and acted as resident DBA. Conceived, designed, and implemented a Kiosk System to increase operational capability of staffing business. Kiosk System was built from the ground up using C# .Net, SQL Server, MVC, Angular and SSRS. Planned, coordinated deployment, training, installation of Kiosk System. Built and introduce metrics and reporting to the organization using SSRS toolset. Kiosk System concept to deployment was accomplish in four months. Uncovered "dark data" within the organization and begin organizing those data into information. Train management and staffers on SCRUM methodology. Establish backlog, regular backlog grooming, planning, daily stand up, and retrospective process to ensure that the product road map are followed and ensure that the team adapts to changing environment. Planned, coordinated, and develop RESTful API using C#, MVC WebAPI2, SQL Server to integrate with customers' timekeeping system. Planned, coordinated with internal engineering team to build a time keeping system using C# .Net, DataStax Cassandra, RESTful WebAPI, MVC/Angular, and Swift IOS (customer facing). Coordinated and implemented a mobile recruiting office using Kiosk System and existing infrastructure. Introduce Service Help desk ticketing system to the organization and facilitate marketing and technology requests. Provided schedule, resource plans, estimates to management for new and existing projects.

August 2013 - January 2016Zodiac Inflight Innovations

Senior Software Engineer

Build media content application utilizing VS 2012, MVC, .Net 4.5. Build windows service to handle asynchronous processing of long running jobs. Build data access layer using EF and SQL Server. Designed and implemented database deployment strategy utilizing data project and SSDT to streamline deployment of database changes. Took charge and made major fixes of extremely buggy legacy reporting application (no in-house expert available), reduced report run time from 27 hrs to 5hrs, reports are now more reliable and users are now beginning to use those reports again. Setup a test environment for QA member that mirrors production to ensure testing reliability. Collected and analyze available system performance data to identify issues and resolution options for senior management. Took charge of a scrum team and became scrum master and organized backlogs, conducted backlog grooming, release planning, daily standups, and scrum duties. Wrote new reports and enhance existing reports using Microsoft Reporting. Maintained and enhance XML validation tool with complex validation logic using .Net, SQL Express, and WinForm. Provided user supported as needed. Acted as temporary DBA and ensured that all databases were backed up and monitored for continuous uptime.

April 2013 - August 2013Cash Call

Senior Software Engineer

Analyze, architect, and design web based n-tier applications. Clearly translate business requirements into a system design and functional specifications. Develop, write and implement software applications based on functional specifications. Communicate requirements with business and technical stakeholders to model business processes. Developed online application to integrate marketing campaigns with phone system using C#,, Entity Framework, Linq, Oracle, SQL server, and integrating with existing authentication/authorization security model. Perform software package evaluation base on business requirement and write recommendations and proposals for implementation. Perform proof of concept development to establish that technology is feasible and mitigate implementation risks. Work across teams (marketing, various development teams, QA) to ensure successful implementation. Developed code generator to decrease development time when integrating with XML data.

May 2011 - April 2013Lender Processing Services

Application Development Manager

Provided hands on coding implementation with C#, .Net framework, SSRS, SQL Server. Setup SQL Server Report Services. Troubleshoot and resolve exceptions in high transaction load environment. Designed archiving solution for SAN with capability to extend for other storage solutions. Created SQL deployment scripts using SQL Compare. Developed component to retrieve data for automate valuation model using MS enterprise library, Entity Framework, and C#. Provided technical guidance to development team and engaged MS Support Services where necessary. Responsible for all hiring in team development. Build new team, from the ground up starting with two engineers, team grew to fourteen engineers. Introduce and established Agile development practices (SCRUM). Played role of SCRUM master and assist team in removing roadblocks. Modify development practices by shortening sprint cycles from four weeks to two week sprints. Organized members into two development teams with established leads, architects, DBAs. Organize product backlogs to ensure that it’s properly groomed with detail description and acceptance criteria. Conducted sprint planning, stand ups, retrospectives, and sprint demos. Conducted one on one session for the purpose of teach, advise, and counseling for each team members. Coordinated execution and planning with Quality Assurance, Infrastructure, and Business teams to ensure that the development team’s implementations are supported. Various teams are geographically diverse. Established processes, procedures, standards for development to follow. Develop capacity/resource, execution, and establish success criteria for project. Ensure that timelines are met by the development team, make any development adjustments as needed.

Nov 2005 - May 2011Kelley Blue Book

Manager, Software Engineering

Built first application for Kelley Blue Book to deploy to production using .Net framework using ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server, and enterprise pattern. Developed first ASP model application from

Beta to GA release, application serves 5000 users. Lead development team of five members

(4 engineers and 1 QA) in Agile (SCRUM) development process. Train and provide orientation for

team members. Lead requirement reviews with team members. Lead code reviews and assessment.

Lead Sprint planning and team resource management. Provide technical designs for new implementations using DTO, transaction script enterprise pattern. Assist junior team members with technical implementations. Interview and assess potential candidates. Communicate technical risks

and issues to director level management. Assist business client on determining sprint stories and

capacity planning. Lead daily SCRUM meetings and assist SCRUM master in removing obstacles for team members. First responder to any production issues. Lead cross members from multiple teams to resolve production issues. Ensure team follow coding standards and guidelines. Developed unit tests using NUnit. Developed build and deployment script using MSBuild, Cruise Control.Net, and NAnt. Setup development and QA environments. Develop windows service to execute asynchronous/batch processing using C#, SQL Server 2005, and web services. Lead team in design and implementation of new product with use of WCF, SQL 2005, .Net 3.0.

July 2004 - Nov 2005Etreby Computers/Cerners

Senior Software Engineer

Developed online pharmacy health maintenance tracking system using ASP.Net and C#. Maintained legacy e-commerce system, setup web redundant infrastructure and increased up time and reliability, maintained and responsible for automated SQL Server automations and replication, implemented

online medication labeling system, integrated web labeling system with online fax server, developed a monitoring system to allow support team to react to system failure in a timely manner, create project timeline, resource allocations, and plan to management, responsible for content and deployment management of web systems, advise and council junior developers on development and professional issues. Research new development process and technologies.


2002 - 2004Chapman University, Orange CA

Masters of Business Administration

1993 - 1998CSU, Long Beach CA

Bachelor of Science, Accountancy and Management Information Systems


Professional references area available upon request


  • Design, implementation, UI, backend
  • Design and implemented backend system for service rep.

  • Concept to delivery - Design, implementation, backend
  • Design and implemented backend system for service rep. for managing product

  • Concept to delivery - Design, implementation, backend
  • Lead an onshore and offshore development team to meet shortened timeline

  • Implementation, backend, release to GA
  • Lead an onshore and offshore development team to meet shortened timeline
  • Integrated application with mobile devices (Windows and Palm devices)

  • Implementation, backend
  • Company applied for patent on technology implemented

  • Maintenance


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I love what I do. I'm a computer geek at heart. I enjoy writing code, tinkering with electronics, troubleshooting problems, or anything that is technology related. I also enjoy being in the outdoor, photography, ham radio, and traveling. I believe a person should have a diverse background whether in the work, hobbies, or just in

Get to know me on a professional level, please talk to my "bots" alter-ego listed below:

Google Home/Mini or Google Assistant: just say "Okay Google, talk to Matthew the Code Guy"
Skype: look for "Matthew the Code Guy" bot
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I'm open to new career opportunities depending on the time in my career. As of late, I value time with family, friends, and purpose of what I do, money and career are secondary. If you have any new opportunities, please know that I value the following in their order of importance

  1. Family/friends/personal time
  2. Purpose of what I do (growing a team, building an organization, etc)
  3. Compensation and career


As I mentioned earlier, that a diverse background is important to keep a person well balance. I enjoy the following activities. If you can mix these interestes/hobbies with the work, it'll sweeten the opportunity for me.

  • Electronic\gadget development
  • Coding - .Net, Android, Windows Phone, Arduino, etc
  • Ham radio - my callsighn is KJ6GEM
  • Photography
  • Being outdoor with nature

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